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The Double Intenders are going strong, we're busy playing all over the place and we're constantly writing, recording and performing newer and newer songs for you to enjoy. Sometimes I even upload them to this website.

I'm also now playing mandolin in a bluegrass band called Crooked Oak. It's as fun as picking apples on a peach farm, and if you don't know what that's like, just come on out and experience the joy for yourself. 
You can find out more about Crooked Oak here: OFFICIAL CROOKED OAK BLUEGRASS BAND HOMEPAGE

As for my radio show, The Real Music City, the show is on hiatus. No telling when I'll take it back on the airwaves. I will if somebody out there wants to pay for the show. In the meantime, you can listen to all 117 episodes right here on this website. Just click on over to The Real Music City page.

If you're interested in my original songs, they are here and you can download them for a modest fee, or just play them from the free jukebox at the bottom of the page.. Go to the Songs and Lyrics page and download, listen, enjoy, watch the videos, etc..

We have some new Double Intenders shows happening, check out the calender over on the right, or go to the Double Intenders website..


The Official "Tony Garcia" Drink Recipe

2 oz. Colombian Rum
1/2 oz. Apple Liqueur
1 lime slice

Note: White rum can substituted if Colombian Rum is not available.

You can ask for it "On The Rocks" or straight.

You can order the "Tony Garcia" at any of these fine establishments:
The Power Plant, French Lick, Indiana
Callahan's Pub & Grille, Enid, OK
Sam's Sports Bar, Nashville, Tennessee
Bar Louie, Chicago, Illinois
The Boundr'y, Nashville, Tennessee
The Rutledge, Nashville, Tennessee
Clyde's, Reston, Virginia

If you enjoy a "Tony Garcia" drink at a bar somewhere, let me know and I'll add it to the list!


Previous events

Date Event Location
Crooked Oak Brown's Diner, Nashville Brown's Diner, Nashville
Crooked Oak Brown's Diner, Nashville Brown's Diner, Nashville
Crooked Oak Brown's Diner, Nashville Brown's Diner, Nashville
Crooked Oak Country Music Marathon, Nashville, TN Country Music Marathon, Nashville, TN
Crooked Oak Brown's Diner, Nashville Brown's Diner, Nashville
Crooked Oak - Private Party  
Crooked Oak - Private Party  
Crooked Oak Brown's Diner, Nashville Brown's Diner, Nashville
Crooked Oak Brown's Diner, Nashville Brown's Diner, Nashville
Crooked Oak Brown's Diner, Nashville Brown's Diner, Nashville
Double Intenders Brown's Diner, Nashville. TN Brown's Diner, Nashville. TN
 —  — Double Intenders Drifters , East Nashville Drifters , East Nashville
Double Intenders Brown's Diner, Nashville Brown's Diner, Nashville
Crooked Oak Tennessee State Fair, Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee State Fair, Nashville, Tennessee
Crooked Oak Private Party, Springfield, TN Private Party, Springfield, TN
Crooked Oak Private Party, Nashville, TN Private Party, Nashville, TN
Crooked Oak Millersville Community Center, Goodlettsville, TN Millersville Community Center, Goodlettsville, TN
Double Intenders Brown's Diner, Nashville Brown's Diner, Nashville
Double Intenders Drifter's, Nashville, TN 37206 Drifter's, Nashville, TN 37206
Double Intenders Tennessee Brew Works, Nashville. TN, 37203 Tennessee Brew Works, Nashville. TN, 37203

New from the Double Intenders..


Crooked Oak Bluegrass 

Man, this blogging stuff is hard to keep up with. It's already September 2016 and it's just my first entry of the year. 

The latest in Tony Garcis Music news is that I am in a bluegrass band now called Crooked Oak that I started along with several of my bluegrass playing friends. Sometimes we play at organized gigs, sometimes the gigs just happen magically with no plan. You should come check us out sometime. Here's a link to our facebook page if you'd like to follow us: 

Crooked Oak Bluegrass Band

The Real Music City Show, May 7, 2015, Show #69 with In-Studio Guest, HR Lexy   

Join me and my in-studio guest HR Lexy, the dynamic duo of Nashville Electronic music as they bring you a taste of Nashville music so different from what the rest of Nashville musicians are doing. 

All these bands are playing live in Nashville the weekend of May 7, 2015. Listen here for the best of real, live, relevent working Nashville musicians, and go out to their shows to support them if you can.

Play List:
HR_Lexy, Birds 
Chris Stapleton, Traveller / Tennessee Whiskey (2015) 
Light Beam Rider, A Song About Some Byrdz / Mississippi (2013) 
The By Gods, Putting On a Show / I Don't Care Who Believes Me (2014) 
HR_Lexy, Caught in the Rain 
The Cordovas, The Urge / Prison Guards EP (2015) 
Elliot Root, Body Down / 2 EP (2015) 
HR_Lexy, Barefoot 
Bear in the Campsite, Out of the Script / Hotel Infinity (2014) 
Anchor Thieves, Relapse / Relapse EP (2014) 
HR_Lexy, You're Not Mine

Hosting a new radio show! 

It's been too long since I posted a blog entry, so here it goes. Back around May 2013 I submitted a proposal for a radio show to WRFN 107.1 FM, Radio Free Nashville in November I got a reply saying they loved my idea and wanted me to do the show. So I went in a few days later to get trained on how to operate the radio equipment, and this week will be my first show. The show will be a weekly theme show called "The Real Music City" and every week will feature Nashville-related music that fits a new theme each week such as "Music from East Nashville", "Americana Music from Nashville", "Music from Nashville's Street Musicians", "Music you can hear in Nashville this weekend",  etc..

The show happens on Thursday evenings from 9 to 10pm, and if you're in Nashville you can listen on 107.1 FM. 

The show will also be streamed online at

If you'd like to submit your song to be played on my show, email the MP3 files to

Or send your music in the mail to: WRFN c/o Tony Garcia, PO Box 41488, Nashville, TN 37204

Palm Beach Int'l Film Festival Selection 

I just got back from the Palm Beach International Film Festival. Last night was Music Video night and my video for Smoker was an "Official Selection". 

Everyone in attendance was very supportive of the 10 videos that were shown, and after Smoker was presented, I was asked to speak to the audience about the video. I was met with many questions that related to the story behind the song, the creation of the video, the animation, the production, the budget, the music, etc.. People were very enthusiastic and I was happy to be there to answer their questions.

Afterwards, I did an interview with a local TV production company that was covering events for the film festival. I did my best to answer questions about the importance of getting an education and staying in school, as well as my thoughts on hair, fashion and make-up. Yeah. If I find a link to the video, I'll post it on here, maybe.

Anyway, thanks fo everyone who came out, and please take a look at the video and let me know what you think..

A little recognition 

It's pretty awesome when a person puts so much into their art and it gets recognized by their peers and by professionals who are interested in sharing the work with others.

It's only April and already 2 of my songs/videos have been recognized this year in such a way. First, "You're a Bitch" was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2012 International Songwriting Competition in the video category. And next, my song/video "Smoker" was accepted to the 2013 Palm Beach International Film Festival.

The animation credit for "You're a Bitch" goes to Davor Bujakovic, you can see more of his work here: Davor

The animation credit for Smoker goes out to the awesome animation team at Iluzija

Double Intenders in the studio again! 

We (the Double Intenders) have some really cool new tunes and I'm excited about sharing them with you. The first one we recorded in December 2012 is "Shameful Thing to Do", and I'll be uploading it here real soon with video. The second, we just recorded this last Saturday, is called Dream Machine, written by Ben. This one will also be ready real soon, with video.

Thanks for those of you out there who've been writing and requesting copies of my songs. They're free, so why not?

My newest solo tune is almost finished, it's called "I'll Think of You". I've been out of it with a cold which has delayed the recording process, but the for the first time ever, the video is actually already finished ahead of the song, and it's really cool, can't wait for you all to see it.

Lots going on 

My music creation process goes in phases. Writing, recording, performing, making videos, resting, repeat.. They don't necessarily happen in this order, and often times they overlap.

Lately I've been in the recording and making videos phases. I just released the song and video "Smoker", just finished recording "Shameful Thing to Do" with the Double Intenders, and the next Tony Garcia song and video about to come out will be "I'll Think of You". 

You can download the song Smoker from this website for free, as well as most of my other tunes. You might want to do it now, before the accounting deparment finds out and makes the price go up to 99 cents.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for videos, please send them on, I'd love to hear what's on your mind!
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